Luxe Meets Love™ | Online Dating | Where Class, Quality, and Chemistry Coincide.
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Until now, dating services only catered to either the lowest common denominator or the uber rich. What about those who are serious about finding their soul-mate but who don’t possess a Lear Jet to wine and dine their date?


Founders K and KLUXE MEETS LOVE™ is a new kind of dating service created by Katie Hutchinson and Kathryn Kegley. We are two Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists who are friends and colleagues and we realized that there was a hole in the online dating market.


Our difference? As therapists we’re working with people every day and know the importance of satisfying relationships, and, we meet and screen each person before they become Luxe Meets Love™ members. We have created a relationship opportunity here at Luxe Meets Love™, a place “Where Class, Quality, and Chemistry Coincide.”


Call us today at (805) 428-4393 for more information about becoming a Luxe Meet Love™ member. Or email us here at


– Katie and Kathryn